Reaching out to feel Autumn’s textures

Welcome to the Bella Photography blog.

My blog gives you a taste of my photography work (documentary, formal, artistic) alongside words of wisdom from the famous, obscure, wise and sensible, and from me!

I am passionate about the world around me. I find the human form fascinating and I enjoy trying to find, and capture, the essence of humanity through my camera lens. And, I enjoy nothing better than to sit and watch the movie of life walk past me.

Every image has a story to tell. Images not only need to look great, they need to recreate a memory.  They need to capture the heart, the energy, the character, the feeling and the mood of the moment. That is the special moment that with a ‘click’ a camera shutter records.

I hope you enjoy and are entertained by the journey my blog will take as much as I will enjoy putting words and images together for you! Please feel free to comment on my blog and to share your own words of wisdom and thoughts with me.

I get a huge delight in seeing the effect my photography has on my clients. I would be honoured to take images of those people and moments that are important to you. Images that last a lifetime and evoke whispers of memory.

Bella Photography is committed to giving back to local our community – in particular, Plunket in Wellington, Mothers Network, Wellington Suburban Newspapers and Playcentre in Johnsonville have both benefited from the ongoing relationship Bella Photography has with them. I welcome being part of photographic fundraisers for your community organisation.

Contact me to capture memorable and creative images of your family, children, siblings, relatives, grandparents, christening, wedding, graduation….

I look forward to hearing from you.


Bella Photography

tel: 0220-757-090



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  1. Was wondering if you do wedding packages ?

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